Parutions Techniques

Vous trouverez ci-après quelques parutions techniques parues dans la presse internationale ou sur differents sites internet. si vous avez des questions sur un de ces papiers techniques , n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

‘Skytrak’ – An Elevator System for the 21st Century (CTBUH)

This paper was presented at the 2012 CTBUH conference in Shanghai by Movveo Ltd Chairman, Adrian Godwin. The paper outlines the new on-line design tools developed by the Company to ensure the “optimum elevatoring” of new buildings can now be achieved quickly and efficiently. It also discusses the proposal for a radically new form of vertical transportation – “Skytrak” – which offers architects a completely new degree of freedom for transporting people around and between buildings.

Circular Transportation in the 21st Century (IAEE)

This paper was presented at the IAEE Elevcon conference in June 2010. It combines a summary of highlights from a paper presented in late 2009 at the New Civil Engineer’s Conference held in London called “Engineering Design for Tall Buildings” entitled “Vertical Transportation, Maximising Core Efficiency – New Concepts” with some radical new thinking about the future of vertical transportation coining the new phrase “circular transportation”.

3D – Destination Double Deck; The Next Generation of Double Deck (IAEE)

This paper explores the work done in the past six years on identifying the inherent and perceived problems with double deck lifts in general and when used with “conventional” two button collective traffic control systems in particular. It also identifies the many advantages of so-called 3-D “destination double deck” control systems being pioneered by Movveo for new high rise towers.

Development of Simulation System for Lift Design (ICSE)

This paper addresses the work done in pursuit of an expert system for designing building passenger vertical transportation systems.